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SYNTYS is a beacon for change. It facilitates the development of individuals, teams, companies and institutions. To that end, SYNTYS offers coaching, consulting, and change management.


Change is part of everybody’s life. In yourself, and in the world around you. In organizations, change is even higher, due to the many internal and external factors. The art of life is to adapt, by going with the flow, by offering resistance, or by giving direction to your personal change. Or to lead it in your organization.


If you like to discuss your role in all these changes with a professional, with an open mind, and with plenty of experience, I'm happy to help you. By asking the right questions, thinking along with you, or – for organizations – by temporarily strengthening the management.


Coaching is based on reflection. Despite the hectic pace of life and the pressure of your work, you need to reflect on what you stand for and what you would like to do, deep down in your heart. It often helps to say the problems and your desires out loud, making them more concrete and giving you a different perspective. The first step to tangible solutions.


Sometimes you need someone who thinks along with you, but who dares to disagree. Syntys integrates thesis and antithesis into a synthesis, a strategic plan in which the ideas and feelings that exist in the organization - for and against - are weighed and included. The result is a plan that strengthens ambition, courage and willingness to take action.

Change Mgt

Change management is a profession in itself. In addition to coaching and consulting, Syntys can provide or supplement the management for an interim period. A mixture of interim management with coaching of the Management Team is also possible. My approach is to provide space for alternative ideas and to strengthen synergy and cooperation.


I love working with professionals. It is the recurring theme in my professional life. After my Physics study and research years, Philips Medical felt like a warm bath. And yet, again and again, I chose something new, I chose the next challenge.


Change became a constant factor in my life. Also in my job, to change things, to adapt to new requirements and possibilities. I aim for a synthesis between sustainable and profitable, short and long term, and between individuals and businesses. That’s behind the name Syntys.




drs. Bart van der Cammen MBM

Emmastraat 26

5707 HG Helmond

+31 (0)6 34 41 19 51

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