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SYNTYS is a beacon for change. It facilitates the development of individuals, teams, companies and institutions. To that end, SYNTYS offers coaching, consulting, and change management.


Five elements are important in the development of individuals and organizations: to be – to want – to be able – to dare – to do. Personal development stops if these elements are not in balance, for example, if you do not dare, cannot, or do not want to do something. Or if it doesn't fit who you are.


Organizations lose momentum if the five elements are not clearly formulated, or are not properly aligned with each other, and with the people. For example, if the vision-mission-strategy is missing or unclear, if leadership is lacking, or if it does not give inspiration.


The solution is to create clarity about the mission and goals, to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, and to create the right culture and space, so that people dare to act. In conclusion, a synthesis of the five elements. Exactly the expertise of SYNTYS, as you can read at "About".

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